Joseph Baynes Estate has a commercial Bonsmara/Santa Gertrudis type beef herd. The company is currently mating 700 cows aiming to mate 1000 cows by 2020.

The herd utilizes the crop residues in the winter and graze the large areas of veld and kikuyu in the summer. To ensure adequate summer grazing for the expanding herd, more veld is being fenced into smaller camps for better grass management. The maize stover fields are fenced for better utilization of crop residues, and ensuring that the daily intake of dry matter per animal is met.

The company is on a winter calving setup, using bulls on our cows and artificially inseminate the replacement heifers. The purpose of winter calving season is to have weaners when the supply is low and the demand is high.The other advantage is that the cows are calving on the stover fields which is a clean environment (no roundworms).

Currently only bull calves are sold to the feedlots or at Farmers Sales as the herd is still expanding.



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