Byanesfield Estate is home to a broad spectrum of interesting Museum Exhibitions. Joseph Baynes House has recently undergone extensive renovations in order to create the perfect example of a Late Victorian Home. Visitors will experience the technologie that dominated the era, as well as explore the histories, discoveries and inventions of many of the early settler families of the area.

The Butter Factory is still fitted with the original machinery installed by Joseph Baynes when it was constructed in 1898. Josephs commitment to developing a solid agricultural economy in South Africa cannot be missed through his actions and the legacy he has left behind.

The Old Cheese Factory Houses arguably the most extensive collection of Sewing machines in South Africa & now explores the development of sewing from pre-historic times, to present.

Sharing the Beautiful Gardens of the Estate is the Natal Vintage Tractor and Machinery Club. Tractors and Machinery spanning over a Century and a half are on Display and are 'fired up' for our fairs and festivals, as advertised.

Joseph Baynes' original homestead now houses our Woodcrafters, Blacksmith/Farrier, the old trading store and wireless shack. In these exhibitions children can make their own wooden toys using traditional methods.



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