Baynesfield Estate Country Fairs

The next Country Fair will be held on the 8th of December 2019.

The Country Fairs are a fundraising effort for the Baynesfield Estate Heritage Centre, The Natal Vintage Tractor and Machinery Club and the Woodcrafters.

The Fairs are a wonderful opportunity to visit the Estate and have a lovely day out in the country. There is a large craft market set in the beautiful garden selling unique and handmade goods, there are foodstalls selling delicious food. The Natal Vintage Tractor and Machinery Club display their interesting tractors and machinery and take people on tractor and trailor rides. It is fascinating to visit the Village Square and see the various machines they have running. There is an old steam engine which runs a mielie crusher and you are able to buy freshly ground mielie meal. An exciting addition to the Fair is the field demonstrations of tractors and farming implements. A visit to the Woodcrafters in the Old Homestead is a must. The woodcrafters will enthusiastically explain what the old tools were used to make and will explain how wagon wheels used to be made. Visit the old ham radio shack. Children can also come and make their own wooden toy. Kids can also have fun on the jumping castle, ride a pony or touch the animals on show. A visit to a Baynesfield Estate Country Fair is a very fun and worthwhile experience.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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